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MYCHANIC Re-Imagines Garage Essentials

Designed For Gearheads Who Turn Their Own Wrench

NASHVILLE, TENN., Oct. 11, 2017 – Designed for DIY auto-enthusiasts who demand utility and durability, Nashville-based company MYCHANIC will be showcasing its original line-up of products at AAPEX Booth 1681.

“Creating this line comes second-nature to myself and my fellow designers, because we are all car enthusiasts – designing the products we wish were available in our own garages,” said Gene Duarte, Head of Industrial Design. “MYCHANIC resonates because we ARE our target market – and our fellow gearheads can see the use and value instantly.”

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FrostGuard Has AAPEX Covered

See What All the Chatter Is About (Hint: it’s not the cold!)

NASHVILLE, TENN., Oct. 11, 2017 – FrostGuard, the leading manufacturer of wintertime windshield covers, will be showcased at AAPEX Booth #1881. A simple solution to cold weather problems, FrostGuard takes the sting out of winter by freeing drivers from scraping ice, snow and frost off their cars.

The FrostGuard portfolio features a variety of feature sets that appeal to the unique needs of any aged commuter, apartment dweller, homeowner or worker, without access to a garage.
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Helping Hands For DIY In The Garage

San Diego Union – Tribune

Remember when you were taught to change a tire? First, open the trunk and check that the spare has air. Dig around to find the jack and lug wrench jack handle, which was a combo deal with the lug wrench on one end and a flat blade on the other. Then set the car’s parking brake, chock an opposite wheel with a rock or block of wood, then pop off the hub cap with the blade-end of the jack handle. Break loose the lug nuts and jack up the car just enough for the wheel to rotate. Spin off the lug nuts and put them in the upside down hub cap. Read More

MYCHANIC LED Blade MultiLight

4×4 Wire

Have you ever grabbed your trusty flashlight needing just a little more light in the dark shadows of the engine bay? And, then realized the dim glow from the build means the batteries are failing. There you stand, needing more light and no fresh batteries.

Well, for that reason, I am always on the lookout for lights; especially lights that are LED and rechargeable. Read More


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Tune in at 39:23 to hear Brad and Aaron discuss MYCHANIC.

Mychanic Pod Light Review

The Gadgeteer

“Oh cool” was my son’s reaction when he saw this… thing.  What is this thing?  It’s called the Pod Light from Mychanic, a unique take on the work light that goes almost anywhere.
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