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Mustang 360: MYCHANIC Expands LED Work Lighting With Two New Offerings

The Blade Multi Light and Pod Light reviewed.

There’s no doubt that having a well-lit work area is paramount to a safe working environment. That’s even more critical when it comes to emergency roadside repairs where not only having your work area illuminated, but being able to warn oncoming traffic you’re there, is literally something that can save your life. In today’s world there’s no excuse to not have quality hand-held LED lighting solutions for your emergency use (and in your workshop for that matter). If you’re still using an old D-cell incandescent flashlight, do yourself a favor and toss it and pick up an LED solution like the work lights from Mychanic.

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The Celebrity Cafe: Save Time and Energy With FrostGuard Windshield Covers

Mother Nature has been off her game so far this winter, and after this week’s “blizzard” the cold seems content to linger. And when you come home in the sunshine the last thing you are thinking about after a 60 degree day is making sure you are up early enough to scrape the frost off your windshield.

That’s where the FrostGuard windshield covers come in. These easy to use covers shave minutes off your morning routine with just seconds of setup.
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The Bearded Jeeper: MYCHANIC POD Light Review

I love this light! Really bright and mounts anywhere you can stick a magnet. A powerful 250 Lumens! it will turn night into day! This is a one of a kind light. I have not seen another one like it out there.