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Mechanics, Contractors and DIYers.

The brand's call to arms, "No matter what you drive or whatever you wrench, we've got your back, a second set of eyes and an extra pair of hands."

Your Job Just Got Easier

That's what we tell the enthusiasts who buy our products, but it's true for our buyers too. We refresh categories that are often as dusty as the garages where our products land.

The octane in the brand’s fuel? The entire Product Development team is made up of enthusiasts who uniquely understand consumer pain points, from tool organization to the need for perfect lighting. We balance innovation, practicality, features and cost to bring to market well-thought-out products at affordable prices.

Welcome to the Tool Shop

Pod Light

Compact, reliable and handy in a pinch. The magnetic POD LIGHT fits in the palm of your hand - roughly the size of a softball with crystal clear lighting for any project under the hood.

Rechargeable Pod Light

Bright enough to light up any workspace, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Rechargeable Pod Light provides enough light on a single charge to finish your project.

Edge Light + Stylus

Small enough to fit in your pocket, bright enough to blow out your project. With a magnetic, clip and capacitive stylus, it’s the perfect companion for the person who lives on the edge.

Blade Multi Light

Our BLADE MULTI LIGHT pivots 270° and spins 360° to illuminate any space. Ultra-thin, bright, and adjustable, its hook and magnet make it easy to work hands-free under the hood or beneath the car. It folds for compact storage in your glove or tool box.

Rolling Car Wash Stool

Our ROLLING CAR WASH STOOL features an integrated bucket dolly, cup holder, bottle racks, and a storage tray for loose tools and hardware. Now your next detailing project doesn’t have to become a devil of a job.

Fastback Shop Stool

With a sleek design inspired by its namesake body style, the FASTBACK SHOP STOOL is the perfect companion for long days in the shop or garage, with details from the strategic height, to the cushioned seat.

Smart Booster Cables

Needing a jump start is never convenient. Our SMART BOOSTER CABLES take out the guesswork and get you on the road quickly and safely. These jumper cables are a class above the rest.

Tool Creeper + Pod Light

Does it look like an explosion went off in your work space? Our TOOL CREEPER keeps nuts, bolts and small tools within reach, while the POD LIGHT illuminates your project.

DIY is in Our DNA


Making people go 'whoa' is the best part of our jobs. Our ideas are sometimes simple. A tray here, a magnet there. And sometimes more complex. But at the end of the day, we hope you'll nod and say, "Yeah, a car person made that."


It's not enough for us to create a product that has just one function. To earn a spot in your garage, we know we have to solve a few problems or do something no other product can do. Challenge accepted.


Garage floors aren't always smooth. Outlets are never where you need them. Keeping tools within reach is a pain. We're taking on the challenge and aren't afraid to push the limits on form and function.

Driving Buyers to Your Stores

The brand is part guerilla, part marketing machine. Our current campaign is posted to garner over 100 million impressions within the enthusiast market.

Street Cred

  • National Commercial Campaign on Motor Trend
  • Print Advertising in 7 Publications
  • 5 Show Integrations Aired on 7 Networks
  • 80 Earned Media Reviews in the Last 18 Months