Mychanic updates its already wonderful floor jack

Mychanic updates its already wonderful floor jack

Mychanic's new 3T Low Profile Floor Jack can lift 6,000 pounds and slides under a vehicle sitting just 3 inches above the pavement

3T Low Profile Floor Jack designed to fit beneath even low-slung vehicles

Two years ago, Bob Golfen reported that the new Mychanic 2T Hybrid Floor Jack was a wonderful tool that not only worked as promised, but looked good doing so, and “should be a welcomed addition to any home mechanic’s garage.”

Since then, Mychanic, an innovative tool-making company based in Nashville, Tennessee, has introduced its 3T Low Profile Floor Jack and since Bob tested the 2T Hybrid, I got to try to 3T Low Profile updated version.

Actually, I didn’t exactly try it, but I did cart it along on a multi-state driving trip to my son-in-law in the Midwest. He’s a former Air Force mechanic who used to restore and modify Jeeps and who, with my then 14-year-old grandson, built up a 1964 Chevy C-10 pickup truck pretty much from scratch.

Turns out my 170,000-mile (and counting) pickup truck needs new rear shock absorbers, so the Mychanic 3T was put into action making my son-in-law’s dive beneath the truck a little easier.

The Mychanic 3T jack and my son-in-law at work

Instead of the $350 that the service department at the dealership wanted for the work, all it cost me was the cost of a pair of new shocks (about $37 each), well, that and the fact that he’s keeping the Mychanic low-profile jack because he likes it so much.

“When you want muscle with style,” Mychanic says of the unit. “The 3 (inch) profile is designed to roll under the lowest of cars and trucks. It lifts 6,000 lbs with overload protection — and looks good doing it.”

The jack’s saddle is only 3 inches above ground level and will elevate to 20 inches, Mychanic says, and it gets there in only 5 pumps of its long handle or less. Height can be quickly adjusted down a smidge with a twist of the handle.

The jack’s low profile means it slides easily beneath my son-in-law’s work bench so it’s out of the way when not in use.

After 170,000 miles, my 2013 Frontier needed new rear shocks

The polyurethane casters “leave your epoxy floors skid-free, not to mention saving your ears from that ear-deafening rattle.”

The jack weighs a hefty 78 pounds but it’s made from “all-steel” and is made to last. Both the saddle and lift arm are padded to protect your vehicle from scuffs.

Retail price is $199.99.

For more information, visit the Mychanic website.

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