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Block Heat At the Point of Attack

The warm-weather companion to FrostGuard, SolarGuard is used on the outside of the windshield and keeps cars up to 55% cooler than traditional pop up shades.

Superior To Conventional Pop Up Shades

When sitting unprotected in the sun, harmful UV rays and light can enter your car's interior - increasing your interior temperature by as much as 40 degrees in just one hour! Because SolarGuard blocks 99.9% of UVA rays and light from entering your vehicle, it can keep your vehicle up to 55% cooler.*

Defeat The Heat

Constructed of durable, reflective material that deflects the suns rays.


Block Heat At The Point Of Attack

Making Cool Vehicles A Breeze

Summer's Most Affordable Luxury

SolarGuard prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating your windshield and destroying your dashboard.